Im Hosting My Very First Travel Expo!

After ten years in the travel industry I am deciding to speak…………

I started my career in the travel industry back in 2010. I stuck with it and now ten years later I am hosting my very first Travel Expo! The Vacay Travel Expo & Gala is something that I have dreamed about for years. I am bringing several of my travel partners to my home state to show my clients what they offer. During this time I will be speaking publicly for the first time regarding what my company does and what it takes join my team.

I will be hosting seminars from 12pm – 2pm, the travel expo will be from 2pm -5pm. The talented Soulful Kinship will be performing from 5pm -6pm, DJ Craig D will be performing from 2pm – 5pm. During this time there will be a cash bar.

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